Fine tuning non-admin access to api_docs

I followed the instructions on this link ( to allow access to non-admin users to the swagger docs, but the user see in the docs the wrong endpoints he have access to.

Example: I allowed the user’s role to access api_docs, gs/_table/redir/ (GET)* and gs/_table/redir (POST), but in the swagger docs the user only see gs/table/redir (GET), which he is not supposed to have access to.

Is this a bug or do I need to do something else?

Some screenshots:

Role config

User’s docs

P.S.: I’m using DreamFactory 2.4.1.

I see the same behavior. Can someone from the DF team weigh in?

@drewpearce @DFCommunityManager Any thoughts on this?

Confirmed this is not behaving as it should. Filing a bug/feature request.
For now, you will need to grant access to the whole service for it to be visible in API Docs. Sorry.

for reference this is DF-1005

Is this error fixed now? If not please let me know which source code files we need to check to fix this error.

This is fixed, as well as some additional features to API Docs that got pushed in version 2.8.1.
Please update and enjoy.