Swagger API for limited user

So I’ve set up the api, and exposed swagger app to a limited user. I’ve setup that his role only has access to two tables. How can I make it so this user only sees API docs for just those two tables. Thanks.

I don’t think that’s possible (at least for now).

Cause if you look at the role to expose the api_docs, it don’t have an option to chose which one you could show, just the access type.

Role-specific Swagger API visibility is coming soon. Currently, the endpoints are locked down based on role, but still visible.

An idea how far out this is? It would be very useful also as a confirmation that the roles are correctly coded.

This feature comes out in the sprint ending this week (version 2.0.5).

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Is this feature added in DF? As I am not able to see this in latest DF version

See this post: http://blog.dreamfactory.com/share-api-docs-securely

The most recent DreamFactory release (2.8.1) improved this functionality even more, so that the API Docs will not show users endpoints they don’t have access to.
(Previously, it would show them, but you wouldn’t be able to operate them.)