FirebirdSQL database

Do you plan on supporting the firebird database on near future?

It’s not high on the list. DreamFactory is an open source project. Let me know if you’re interested in adding Firebird and I’ll connect you with the engineer who leads the DB integration.

Yeah, I look forward to this DB Integration, ASAP.

Hi @kalvick just let us know if you’re ready to contribute a FirebirdSQL integration to the open source project, and we’ll get you in touch with our engineering team.

Hi Jeffrey!, Thanks for this opportunity; we would be happy to reciprocate and remain to be part of your wonderful contributions to the open source community.

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Hi, kalvick,

Do you mind if I ask there are any progress on a FirebirdSQL integration?
Are you actually working on it? Our current main DB is Firebird, so we need it to use DSP for the future project which will be implemented by ExtJS and HTML 5.



Hi Jasmine,

Indeed, we are going as per the advice of DreamFactory Team, accordingly,
“It probably makes sense for us to integrate FirebirdSQL in DreamFactory 2.0, which is close to alpha completion.”


Jasmine and I are interested in Firebird integration as well. Do you want to collaborate? Have you started building this yet? I am relatively new to PHP and Dreamfactory but I’m quite knowledgeable in Firebird-flavor SQL including Schema metadata queries.


Just in case the other folks are not interested in proceeding, can you put me in touch with your DB person? What should I begin with studying?

@Warren_Postma shoot Lee a note, he’ll have the details for you. leehicks at

Firebird should be similar to some of the other SQL integrations. 2.0 is modular, so Lee will point you to the closest existing SQL integration and you can use that as the foundation for Firebird.

I assume that the codebase in question for the DB drivers is this:

hey warren, i think you got in touch with lee. let me know if you need more info.

thanks - ben

Did not hear from Lee yet.

Warren, I replied back on the 21st. Here is the content of that email…

You are close, df-sqldb-core was actually rolled into df-core repo in the src/Database directory, and is now deprecated. Here are a few pointers, but ping me if you have any specific questions.

In short, under the src/Database directory, there is a directory for each of the database server types containing any overrides from the main classes included in that directory. Sorry that isn’t documented any better than it is. We are starting from the external inward on docs and are a bit behind.

The Connection.php class will need to include a new entry in the maps for things like driverSchemaMap, etc. There are some functions also in that file for requiring drivers.

Let me know how I can help.


Does Laravel 5.2 supporting FirebirdSQL make things easier on this feature?

Sorry to revive an old topic.