How can I add Firebird to SQL vendors and make it work?


Do you support Firebird? I am using v1.9.4-3 currently.

I have tried as below but it does not work.

  1. uncommented extension=php_pdo_firebird.dll in php,ini
  2. ran php -m and confirm that pdo_firebird.dll is displayed
  3. Open C:\Bitnami\dreamfactory-1.9.4-3\apps\dreamfactory\htdocs\web\admin\js\controllers\servicectrl.js
  4. Added { name: “Firebird”, prefix: “firebird:”} to $scope.sqlVendors
  5. Restarted Apache Web server on Bitnami DreamFactory Stack tool

I cannot see any change,
Is it possible adding to Firebird to SQL vendors list?



We haven’t integrated Firebird as a supported DB type, but you’re welcome to contribute this to the open source codebase. There is a request for this in the development backlog, but it is low priority. I recommend working on this yourself as a contribution to the new DreamFactory 2.0 beta. I know at least one other developer was looking for Firebird support, and I’m sure others in the community would benefit also.