Getting 405 Error When calling post request on user/custom (angularJS)

First time poster! I am using dreamfactory for a school project revolving around the selling of textbooks. When a user creates an account, they will enter their basic user credentials and a post request is made to user/register and the user is logged in. They are then taken to a second webpage where they enter their twitter credentials, and the school they go to. These are then supposed to be posted to user/custom, however I am getting these errors when I try:

When doing this directly in the API docs with a user of the app, it works, but not in the app! Here is the relevant code:


function ($routeProvider) {
		.when('/login', {
			title		: 'Login',
			controller	: 'LoginCtrl',
			templateUrl	:  'app/login/login.html'

		.when('/register', {
			title		: 'Register',
			controller	: 'RegisterController',
			templateUrl	:  'app/login/register.html'
		    title       : 'RegisterCustoms',
		    controller  : 'RegisterCustomsController',
		    templateUrl : 'app/login/register2.html',
		    resolve     :   {
		         custom: function () {
	    			return { };



.factory('Customs', [

function ($resource) {
	return $resource('api/v2/user/custom/:id', { id: '@id' }, {
		query: {
			method: 'GET',
			isArray: false
		create: {
			method: 'POST'
		update: {
			method: 'PUT'
		remove: {
			method: 'DELETE'


.controller('RegisterCustomsController', [
'$scope', 'Customs', 'custom','$location', '$mdToast', '$mdDialog',

function($scope, Customs, custom, $location, $mdToast, $mdDialog, $mdScope){
    $scope.states = ['States go He'];
    $scope.schools =['1'];
    $scope.register = function(){
        //$scope.custom = angular.copy(custom);
            twitterUsername: $scope.custom.twitterUsername,
            twitterPassword: $scope.custom.twitterPassword,
            schoolID: $scope.custom.selectedSchool
            $$mdToast.simple().content('Welcome new user!'));


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The 405 method seems to be suggesting that you can’t POST to /user/custom for whatever reason. It’s possible that testing in the API docs works because it’s you (an administrator), and the app doesn’t work because it’s using an app key or a different user group and that role doesn’t have permissions to POST to the endpoint.

405 Not Allowed seems likely to be a permissions issue.

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My bad, I should of been more clear! I logged into the API docs with a user of the application, and it did work fine there, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a permissions issue.