Getting no response back from PATCH requests


i am trying to make a patch request to update some records in a sql database using the the REST API but for some reason i am not getting a response back from the DSP. However, the other get/post/delete Requests are all working fine.

Any idea what could be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance

Please try the same PATCH call through the API Docs of your DSP, and let me know the response there.

I get the same "no-response"from calling the PATCH service through the API Docs of my DSP. I can upload screenshot of the DSP API Docs calls but looks like new user can’t upload images to the form.

Thanks for your fast response.

So the DSP is reporting in the “Response” section the text “no response”? I believe that indicates no response from your database server, not no response from the DSP.

What is logged in your DSP’s logs when the DB connection fails?