Gitlab service 404 on retrieving files

Hi all,
I’m trying to get the gitlab integration working so I can version-control my server scripts. I seem to have everything set up, as I can test the API in the DF API Docs section, and I can successfully call the “Get Repository Files and Directories” method and get a list of the files in the repo.

However, when I try to retrieve a specific file from that same repo, I get a 404 response. I’m trying to retrieve test.js in the repo root at the moment, and I’ve tried:


All 404

Has anyone got this working?


Further notes on my investigation, I think the vendor library used for this is an old one, and is trying to hit Gitlab API v3, which was discontinued a few versions ago.

I’ve changed to the Bitbucket integration in DF, and it works fine. Now just need to ensure I sync gitlab and bitbucket…

Hi @Andrew_Peacock

I am able to grab a Dockerfile in my repo. What version of DF are you using? What is the install envrionment?