Upgrading to version 1.7.6 - Permission Problem

Hey everyone,

Prefacing this with “excuse the noobishness” but I’ve been working on getting DF running on a LAMP setup on Digital Ocean for the past couple days. Install went relatively smoothly (installed with GIT, not bitnami) and I’ve been able to set up service connection between DF and a mysql db I set up on my Digital Ocean server/droplet. So DigitalOcean->DreamFactory looks good but when I go to connect to DF (using Angular) from my local dev environment, I’m having 403 (Forbidden) issues–despite having set CORS access to open and created a guest user role that can do everything. Table that…

So I went to update to 1.7.6 today and, going through the launchpad interface, encountered this…

PHP warning
copy(/var/www/dsp-core/.bp-config/nginx/server-locations.conf): failed to open stream: Permission denied

I’m now wondering if there’s a relationship between my 403/inability-to-connect permissions and the permissions needed to update DF versions or if anybody else is having the same error when updating to 1.7.6.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Nate,

Have you seen this post? Upgrading to version 1.7.6

Although this is referring to a bitnami install I would imagine the permissions settings should still be relevant.

Failing that save yourself some time and just install a bitnami stack… ;p

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