How are user/customs related to user?

As the question states, I’m confused about how user/custom is related to user at all.

I read through the posts and tried to understand the documentation but it isn’t clear.

  • If you call POST /user/custom is it just an entry in the custom table with no reference to the user?
  • Do you need to manually add a reference to the user ID when creating the custom? (oddly giving “user_id” a value in the API doc example causes some strange behavior where this field is not returned with fields=*)
  • Is GET /user/custom return limited to the customs of the currently logged in user? If this is the case how can I search the customs of every user (since system/user cannot access customs)?


user/custom is only for the currently logged in user (as are all resource on the user service.)

Currently system/user cannot access the custom user data, but this is a bug that is being addressed in the current sprint. Once the code is released it will be accessible at system/user?related=user_custom_by_user_id

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