Anyway to access user custom data through /system/user/ endpoint?

I planned to use user_custom table to store user profile data.
I can store users’ custom data with /user/custom/ endpoint.

But when I tried to retrieve the stored profile data for building profile page for other users, I can’t find a Rest API to retrieve the data.

Currently, I do it using model DreamFactory\Core\User\Models\UserCustom instead.
But it’s not the best way I wanted.

So is there any standalone endpoint to retrieve user custom data by user ID, or is it possible to do it through /system/user/ endpoint?

I am using DF ver 2.1.2. Thanks.

I have the same question, there’s no API endpoint to retrieve profile information from users…

You need to retrieve custom data through user/custom.
There is not currently any method for retrieving through system/user

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