How to create OpenID Provider server/application with DF?

Hello DF community. This is my first post here

I would know if is there any open source openid application built on dreamfactory

I’m working on experimental/academic project. Currently i’m using wordpress to manage account registrations and logins and its openid plugin to transform my wordpress in an openid provider.

It works , but it is quite wasteful to use a CMS just for this simple purpose. Moreover i need a simple app that can run on hosts such as Google App Engine etc.

I’ve found DreamFactory and i love its features. I’ve seen that you have an OAuth framework here: , can be used also as an openid provider?

If so, My goals would be to use mongodb -> dreamfactory + oauth framework -> an app to manage accounts signup/signin.

are there any opensource projects for it? thank you in advance

P.S. trivial question: are you using nodebb here? :smiley:

does that can help you?

DreamFactory is not built to be an oauth provider, but it can use other oauth providers to authenticate. Sorry.