Using a current OAuth server for authentication

So, we’ve got an OAuth2 server with user registration, login, recover password, etc.

How do we authenticate against it?


I’d like to know that too.

Is it possible to implement a generic OAuth solution with DreamFactory?

Yes we do!

Check out a blog post on OAuth here.


Hello there, @DFCommunityManager,

I’ve checked that blog post before, and it is very specific to Facebook.

Now, if what you are trying to imply is that using any of DF OAuth Services is the same for any OAuth system (other than the ones on the list; Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Bitbucket, Github and LinkedIn), then I would please encourage you to be more clear and explicit about it, because, by the way the OAuth Servers are presented and the Blog is written, it would seem that only those providers are supported and nothing else.

If that’s the case (that I can use any OAuth service to authenticate against a private OAuth Service), then I guess it would be reasonable to expect an option in the service providers of “Custom” or something like that, because I wouldn’t want my service to be listed as “Facebook” or whatever, because, it is in fact, not Facebook. See?

So, can I use my own OAuth Server to authenticate users in DreamFactory? (v 2.3.1)

Thank you

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From that blog post it seems you only support a handful of OAuth providers which is not what we are asking here.

The currently supported OAuth service providers are Facebook, Twitter, Google, and GitHub. We’ll be adding more OAuth providers in the future.

Is it possible for DF to use our custom authentication server with OAuth?

If not, then how can we authenticate our users and then assign permissions to endpoints and its actions of the DF API?

@DFCommunityManager could you pass these questions to the dev team or at least give me an email to be able to contact them myself?

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Currently we support BitBucket, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, Google, Twitter, Microsoft Live and Salesforce. We do not support custom OAth at the moment. I think I heard of a community member adding one with Microsoft Live - but I’m not sure how that actually works.

We’ve added it as a feature request!


@pier @transistor I’ve heard of people getting custom OAuth to work using the Microsoft Live service type and editing the .env as follows:

  1. Edit .env file and put the following options there and save it:


  1. Create an OAuth service using MS Live service type.

  2. After entering all the standard config information for this service, check the “Use custom OAuth 2.0 provider for this type” checkbox on the config tab and create the service.

There has been a feature request filed to add custom oauth service type in the future, no decisions made on implementation at time of writing.