How to forward an custom API request as it is to another API system that works locally?

I have a dreamfactory system and a another system lets call it api_server1 . Now api_server1 has its own API working but to access it through the authentication of the dreamfactory. I think I will need a custom script for this that will map all the API in api_server1 . but I want to know is there any other easy way ?

Note : I can access all the api_server1 server’s REST API directly but I want to access api_server1 via dreamfactory.

I am looking to do something similar. To consume 3rd party API’s. You can add a remote web service in Services > Create > Remote Service > HTTP Service. Here is the documentation I found on it with a couple examples. I have a few different API’s working now where dreamfactory API is basically the middleman.

which apparently has been renamed to HTTP Services