How to know statistics abou uses of each app?

Im using dreamfractory very well, its a greate software.
But now I need to to know how many times per day or hour has been used each endpoint or each app. A kind of statistics.
How can I get them?


Hi Andres,

There are a couple of different ways to approach this. For data sources, you can look at open source projects like Grafana which allow you to pull data from different databases directly (MySQL example plugin). DreamFactory also exposes a Logstash connector in its commercial packages should you want to hook up to an ELK stack or the like. Lastly, you could always create your own, using the basic log data that is generated with logging set to debug. It would give you enough data to see who hit various endpoints, with which API key etc.

If you are interested in the commercial offerings, just reply here or head to this link and we would be happy to schedule a demo or show you some of the commercial features.

Hope that helps!