How to support open registration with localized email templates

I’m in the process of building a multi language mobile app where the user has the ability to register with the service as well as indicate his/hers preferred language of communication.

The issue that I’m facing with is the fact that I can’t find a way to send the confirmation email in the language that the user has selected for communicating with him/her.

While trying to solve this issue I thought that I can use an external application that monitors a table that I insert the information required in order to construct the required confirmation email in the language that the user has selected and send out the email to the user. This part was no problem but when I went ahead in the “user” service and cleared the “Open Reg Email Template” in order to prevent DF from sending out the confirmation emails, I started receiving a 500 status code with the message “Error processing user confirmation. No default email template for user invite.” while trying to register the user with DF.

Does anybody know of a way that I can either send localized emails through DF or how can I register a user through open registration process without allowing DF to send the confirmation emails but rather send these emails (since I do need the confirmation anyway) on my own?


Hi @gnl,

If you are using DF 2.4 or above , then in DF admin panel :

  1. Click on “Services” Tab, then
  2. Click on “User Service”, then
  3. Click on “Config” Tab, after that
  4. Select “allow open registration” , and keep all other fields as blank, and then save it.
  5. clear the cache ( Go to “Config” tab ==> click on the “Cache” ===> click on “Flush system wide cache”).
  6. Refresh and then test it. Hope it will work.

Hi @Nishant_Soni,

I followed your instructions and the emails are no longer being sent through DF but there’s no confirm_code generated for the users and the users are able to login immediately to the system!!!