User Invite with email confirmation but w/o Open Registration

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am in a dead lock… I want to configure the platform for a “by invitation only” setting. So users will be invited by the admin by adding the user detatils in the panel or via the API. This works - but ONLY if “Open Registration” is activated. But I DONT want open registration to have it on - this way everyone would be able to register via the main page.

However, if I disable “Open Registration”, I can create users and the system sends correctly the user invite emails with confirmation code. However, when the invited user goes to the link and puts in the confirmation code, the system error message says "Open registration for users is not currently enabled for this system. "

The user was invited by an admin - with the email invitation send out by the system - however, the invited user is not able to confirm if “open registration” is disabled.

Can you please tell how to set it to “invitation only with confirmation emails” - but not setting the system to “Open Registration”.

Thanks ,

We confirmed this as a bug and fixed it last week. Previously, you could not confirm invited users without open registration also enabled. A quick Composer update should get you the fix, and then you will see this operating as expected.