How to use the Forum

Learn about the features of our forum.

On behalf of the DreamFactory team and community, I welcome you to our community platform. Powered by Discourse, we’re exploring new territory in what it means to have great conversations online.

The philosophy behind this new platform is about creating open, honest and well-mannered discussions about a range of topics that come up.

This is the place to chat with passionate members of the DreamFactory community, DreamFactory Moderators, and of course directly to members of the DreamFactory team. Welcome!


  1. A “topic” is a forum thread. For example, this is a topic
  2. A “post” is a post on a topic. For example, this is a post
  3. The “Composer” is the place that you type and preview a post in, at the bottom of your screen

Topic Titles

When you are posting a question, put as much detail as you can into the title. A title such as “help I am stuck”, or “why is this not working” does not give potential helpers any indication of the problem, or whether they can help or not. Instead a topic title such as “Exercise 7 - it says “[error message]”, and won’t let me pass” makes it much easier for others to help.

Finding Topics/Posts

This DreamFactory Forum is organized into categories. Our first recommendation is to look at the category structure to get familiar with how the discussions are organized. Click the Categories button along the top of the page to see the main categories and their sub-categories. Every category has a description to help you identify where to look for content.

There’s also an integrated search engine (click the :mag: (magnifying glass) icon to the left of your profile picture in the upper-right corner), that is another great way to find what you are looking for.