Https and Certificate configeration with AWS

I am using Angular as frontend application and Dreamfactory as middleware restapi application and i have deployed all my frontend code and dreamfactory in AWS and configured Demaine name for frontend application and subdomaine for DF in Route 53. The issue is I can able to configure the Https and certification for the frontend application it worked but the same way i tried for the DF but it is unable to make Https for the DF. How do I configure Https for the DF using Aws or there any other ways to configure SSL and Https ???. Please help me out to solve this issue.
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The easiest way to do that in my opinion is to put an AWS load balancer in front of your DF EC2 instance. Then deploy a (free) SSL certificate to that load balancer. Amazon gives you free SSL certificates for this and deployment is much easier than mucking around with web server configurations.

Having a load balancer in front of DF gives you a lot of flexibility, even if you have only one instance. You can replace that instance with an upgraded one easily for instance.

For scalability (more than once DF instance), you’d have to move the database out of the EC2 instance, RDS works fine.

While you’re at it, add a free WAF (web application firewall) to the load balancer and limit access to your API to whatever your clients really need, for added security.

EDIT: WAF gives you a simple version of throttling too, something not available in free DF.

@jps Thanks man , it worked

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