Dreamfactory 2.3 default services (MongoDB missing?)

Just did a fresh install of DF 2.3 and found that the below are the ‘stock’ services

system 		System Management 	Service for managing system resources.
api_docs 	Live API Docs 		API documenting and testing service.
files 		Local File Storage 	Service for accessing local file storage.
db 		Local SQL Database 	Service for accessing local SQLite database.
email 		Local Email Service 	Email service used for sending user invites and/or password reset confirmation.
user 		User Management 	Service for managing system users.

The earlier version If I am not mistaken used to have MySQL and MongoDB show up in the Services as well. MySQL I understand has to be separately installed on CentOS 7 but I was wondering why MongoDB doesn’t appear in the stock services list? Do I need to add it under the services? Thanks

Sori, that was a false alarm! :blush: Probably something messed up earlier due to folder permissions. It’s all right now

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Thanks for updating @m_menon, did you figure out what fixed it?

Any more details may be helpful to the community.


I missed setting the read / write permissions for the folders below

sudo chown -R {www user}:{your user group} storage/ bootstrap/cache/
sudo chmod -R 2775 storage/ bootstrap/cache/

That I think created a few problems. Now it’s alright


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