iOS SDK blog post

If you have any questions or comments about DreamFactory’s iOS SDK or the accompanying blog post please feel free to post them here. Either I or someone else on the team will try to get back to you quickly.

Here’s a link to the iOS SDK.

Thanks. I notice all these are happening over HTTP, not HTTPS. Any guidance on how to do the latter?

I’m guessing you’ve already tried just using HTTPS in your path value like the API readme from the SDK says?

The general form of a DreamFactory REST API call is:

<rest-verb> http[s]://<server-name>/rest/[<service-api-name>]/[<resource-path>][?<param-name>=<param-value>]

The iOS API format is:

NIKApiInvoker restPath: (NSString*) path

Breaking down each parameter:

  • path Holds the value of http[s]://<server-name>/rest/[<service-api-name>]/[<resource-path>] from the generic call. You can include the query parameters here. However, it is easier and cleaner to pass in the query parameters as a dictionary than it is to format them into the url.

The readme seems to indicate you can just use HTTPS in the path value. If that’s not the case, I’m afraid I’m not sure how.

Hopefully - although I’m just testing on a mac bitnami package, so it spins up on localhost:8080. I’ll have to try to find out the default https port. Thanks for the encouragement.

Port and apache configs in the Launcher - found it.

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Is Launcher a component of an iOS dev environment that I’m not familiar with? I’m just curious about where you made the config changes.

IT’s a simple GUI launcher that comes with the Mac install - boots up the DB and Apache.

Oh, you must be referring to a Bitnami component. That launcher is added by them and isn’t part of DreamFactory. Thanks for clarifying.