IOS-SDK, semantic issue on compile

There is something wrong in building.

xcode version 6.1
target sdk:8.1
beginner in iOS.need help~

Looks like its related to iOS 8 target.
Will update the lib on github.

Yes,I think so too, thanks for your reply.

I’m having the same compilation error, SDK iOS 8.0. I will be using the code to interface with Swift, so I’m stuck to this SDK. Is there any quick fix I can apply myself, or should I rather wait until the GIT update? In that case I hope it will be there soon. Thanks in either case.

Our codegen repo was updated yesterday, will pull that into this release and re-gen new SDKs as soon as I can this week.

Thank you very much!

Repo has been updated, not seeing the red errors here locally, let me know if you have issues

It works perfectly, thanks!

I am getting 36 compilation errors. Whats the problem here?
I am using ios-sdk Release 2.0.3 on iOS ver 10.7 having xcode 4.2