JWT authentication without DF user registration

The DF2 documentation states as OAuth 1.0, 2.0, LDAP and local user management as the options to be able to get JWT tokens and then use it for API calls during a session. What if I have a custom authentication & access server which can provide me with JWT tokens, how can I use it to call the DF REST APIs ? Will the DF2 JWT verification layer during each call be able to verify such custom JWTs (ones which have not been created by DF user service) ?
If not, can somebody provide pointers for such enhancements.

@cyrus007 this sounds like something that would require some heavy scripting to implement. Is there a specific reason that Dreamfactory doesn’t meet the auth and access requirements required by your application? Can you provide an example scenario where an external JWT provider would be preferred to that of Dreamfactory?

The application has been built with multiple engines / services with each engine providing it’s niche service (aka microservice architecture). In this, DF’s role is to provide storage in it’s mongo / rdbms and provide access to them via REST service.
Authorization and role based access is handled by a separate container whose niche is to provide that service. It handles the organization setup and user registration to the organization, so there can be multiple registrations of the same user with different roles. So the varying needs of access and auth is handled by that service which we donot want to bolt on DF too.

For research purposes I have setup an account with Auth0 and the redirect URL for authentication is https://d2dm.auth0.com/login?client=2NAVqhfAa4oOiuMqBsQKCZLAND3wFYPN
I would like to implement their Node.js code to do the auth & access inside DF scripts but could not see any examples in DF docs to implement it.