Local SQL DB: Unable to enter data for columns of type 'date'

On the Data tab page, when trying to add a new row for an existing table with a column of type ‘date’, there aren’t any input options for that column.

For example, assume there is a table called UserInfo. It has several columns, one of which is called DateOfBirth, of SQL type ‘date’. In the Data tab, when the option to create a new row is selected, input fields and widgets appear for entering other columns’ data, but no input widget appears to allow entry of the DateOfBirth column. It’s just blank, other than the column name.

Does anyone know if DreamFactory just doesn’t support entering ‘date’ fields from the browser yet, or if it’s a bug?

This is a known issue. Until fixed, can you use PhpMyAdmin or similar to edit the fields?

Sure, I will. I was just curious as to why it didn’t work.

We have a GitHub Issue open for adding this functionality.