Login to UI - Not allowed in CORS policy

5 min to install and 12 hrs to login…I’ve reinstalled 3 times via clone from Git and can’t figure out why I’m getting “Not allowed in CORS policy.”
I’ve added some version of "Access-Control-Allow-Origin “*” to:
the apache site-enabled file
bootstrap/app as header(…)
Created middleware Cors.php
added to DB as a wildcard

cleared all cache php artisan optimize

I’m not sure what to try next? Anything…I would willing to do again that I’ve tried or even reinstall if I have to.

Debian 10
Apache latest
php 7.4
DF 4.10.1

OK, after 20+ hours I was finally able to log in with not a fix but a work around so I can get my clients API setup.

I commented out lines 44-46 of vendor > barryvdh > lavavel-cors > src > HandleCors.php
Works for now but clearly I need to go back a find out the root cause.

Hopefully that will save someone 20hrs of work! :blush: