Losing http sent filters when adding role filter

I am a big fan of Dreamfactory, but I am facing to a real bug, I think !

My usecase is simple:

I’ve got a blog and I retrieve my post with this get call:
And this work well.

Now, I would like the guest users to only recover the published post.

So in my admin console I created a role and I configurated it.
To the service access, I used a
"Service": stadjadb - “comoponent” : posts + “access” : Get

and I added it an advanced filter:
“field” : published - “operator” : = - “value”: true

And now, my /rest/stadjadb/posts?limit=5&offset=5&order=id+DESC http call, there are no filters taken into account, EXCEPT the published=true filter. (so, no order, no limit and no offset)

Please, help ?

Let me duplicate this one, that looks like it should work.

so 1.7.6
with a myslq database

Check here for status:


Hey that’s cool,
I’m happy to help you improve this very cool tool !

This issue is fixed in the develop branch of the lib-php-common-platform repo and will be in the next release.

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looking forward to test that !

Thanks for finding that @stadja !

just upgraded from 1.7.8 to 1.8.
Works like a charm, thank you !

Thanks for reporting it!