Mail not sending to any users?

I am trying to send mail to users. So, i build dummy code for testing that mail is sending or not.
The code is-
“template”: “newsletter”,
“to”: [
“name”: “Xyz”,
“email”: ""
“subject”: “A test email”,
“body_text”: “This is a test email”,
“from_name”: “Abc”,
“from_email”: "",
“reply_to_name”: “Abc”,
“reply_to_email”: ""

I am getting 200 in response code but in response body {
"count": 0

The value of count should be 1 for successful operation.

In Service tab option I am using “Local Email Service Type”.
You can see in screen shot for more details


Help !

Is this a manual install? If so, did you configure your server to send mail?
The built in service called email assumes you have configure a mail sending service in your environment (such as postfix) and will call it using the sendmail command. If you have not installed such a service, the API will give a 200 response (because the call is formatted correctly and successfully handed off to the system) but it will get a count of 0 because no mail is actually sent.

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