Mailgun How do i add mailgun tags or campaign id to my email?

Hi Guys

I have set a mailgun email and that work fine, but i want to use tags and or campaign id’s to add the the email for analysis.
How can i do this ?
options = angular.extend({
“to”: [{
“name”: delegate.firstname + ’ ’ + delegate.lastname,
“subject”: “Training Feedback Survey Request”,
“body_html”: “\r\n

<IMG height=98 alt=“CCH eBulletin” hspace=0 >”,
“from_name”:“Professional Services”,
“from_email”: "",
“reply_to_name”: “Profesional Services”,
“reply_to_email”: "",
“service”: “tonygilmailgun”

I want to add the mailgun o:tags and or campaign
Mailgun website give this as an exmaple
o:tag=‘September newsletter’
-F o:tag='newsletters’
but how can i do that in dreamfactory ?
Tony Gilpin