Recent problem with Mailgun service

Hi Users
i’ve notice since this morning a pb with the mailgun service (Dreamfactory 2.0.1 from bitnami on a local VM)

note that he had to work fine so far.

i’ve an error 500 with “message”: “cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate”,

any of you using mailgun have this issue?

edit (try with Dreamfactory 2.1 from bitnami : same problem / any problem on mailgun side?)


@jeebee I believe the cacert.pem files require updating, we should be rolling out new Bitnami images fairly soon that address this problem.

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Dear matt,

Is there a way where you can show us on how to fix cacert.pem on bitnami 2.1 dreamfactory?

2nd question here is… it is possible to include php7 on next build? =)

@Rusher PHP7 will happen but not in the next sprint. DreamFactory is PHP7 compatible but not all of the PHP drivers to the various databases are. So we need to go through that exercise of driver compatibility.

thanks ben very helpful information as always!

Have you figured out how to solve this issue??

Not me… I haven’t figured out how to fix cacert.pem or given any details on it

@Rusher @Navin_Agarwal We just released DreamFactory 2.1.1 which should have updated cacert.pem files included. As far as replacing the existing cacert.pem file in your existing DreamFactory installation I would start by grabbing the cacert.pem from [here] ( and try replacing the existing file to see if this resolves the issue.

hi @Rusher @Navin_Agarwal
i try replacing the file in a
Dreamfactory 2.0 > same problem.
Dreamfactory 2.1> same problem.


have you try flush the cache to see if it works?

hi yes
on both 2.0 @ 2.1
still have ssl certificate problem

I’m having the same issue when trying to register a user on my dreamfactory (other api calls seem to work though). I tried copying the cacert.pem into /etc/ssl/certs but that doesnt seem to help any.

This used to work and now it doesn’t… frustrated!


Take the file at and use it to replace the file /opt/bitnami/common/openssl/certs/curl-ca-bundle.crt on your bitnami server.

Instant workie…

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