Managing the caching of DynamoDB calls

Hi Guys, dreamfactory noob here. I am wanting to use dreamfactory to call dynamodb (bitnami install on AWS), but often the read calls can be cached once first made, which saves lots of money on DynamoDb.

I see there is an article on caching remote webservices, and another on setting up memcache for dreamfactory, but I am unclear how this all goes together.

I want to be able to cache reads to dynamodb, and expire them whenever the record is updated by the user on dynamodb. I can’t see how to trigger that cache expiry process from within dreamfactory, is it done through server side scripting? Can that talk to memcache? Or is other voodoo required?

Currently there is no triggering for caching of any service type other than remote web services. We do plan to add caching for other services, including remote DBs, in DreamFactory 2.0, but this will be added later than the upcoming 2.0 beta.

Remote DB Caching?

Hello and thanks for the clarification. I have just realized this and would really like to see it implemented very soon. Is there a beta out there that currently has some of this developed? Thanks for anything that might help.

Result Caching?

Is there a way that anyone in the community has solved this externally to DF for their databases?