Many tables, Many columns: scalability

Just discovered DreamFactory and diving into install & evaluation. Wondering how well does the platform scales up with wide tables or many tables?

For example, just added a service for a table holding about 500 columns. This worked fine but when I navigate to the Data->Set Service page, this seem a bit slow to respond and the field tab only shows a couple of variables (instead of all of them). Are these know issues? The Schema page looks OK and REST API is functional.

What about hosting hundreds of thousands of tables? Is there a way to further organize the REST URL paths? Like instead of having all under /rest/, can I break this further down into /rest/client/group//

How would the API docs page react of I have hundreds of entries?

So in general, what’s the platform scalability, in particular in terms of wide tables and/or large number of services? How does 1.9.x compare with 2.x on these aspects?

much appreciated

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