Meteorjs - Any support for Meteor anytime soon?

I’m becoming a big fan of the Meteor Platform these days, and was wondering if you plan to support it in the near future. Do you plan to create a dreamfactory package for Meteor?

No specific plans yet for Meteor integration. But what specifically are you looking for? A client SDK for Meteor? Something else?

We work great with Meteor. They have a http package of their own, you won’t need the custom XHR that lives in our SDK.

Meteor.http.get(url, [options], [asyncCallback])

I’m looking for a meteor package that can be install from the meteor command line.

We’ve had success with Iron Router. Have you tried it?

With the growing popularity of Meteor JS and the rise (and buyouts) of backend service providers, I was hoping to reengage those interested in this topic.

I’ve been able to successfully query the DreamFactory API MongoDB service using MeteorJS locally. What I’d like to see is tighter integration with DreamFactory, specifically as it relates to the file storage service. MeteorJS apps depend upon Node.js, while DreamFactory is a PHP based application. The ideal scenario would be to upload our MeteorJS apps to the file storage service (this can already be done) and deploy them from inside DreamFactory or via CLI, much like the sample JS apps provided by DreamFactory.

Ultimately, I’d like for everything related to the app development life cycle to live in the same place cohesively and without a complicated configuration instead of relying on multiple service providers. As it is right now, I have deployed DreamFactory on Google Cloud for API with MongoDB and have to host the MeteorJS files on a third-party provider.

I don’t claim to be a backend or Meteor expert as I’m fairly new to these technolgies. So any feedback, suggestions, or corrections are welcomed. I really appreciate what the DreamFactory team has developed and hope to see the project to continue to evolve.

If anyone is looking to get started, here are some of the best Meteor tutorials & books.