Documentation and Examples on Client SDKs

DreamFactory provides SDKs for iOS, Android, Javascript, AngularJS, and Appcelerator Titanium.

The Wiki should have all the info you need, including links to the SDKs on GitHub, to get started with the SDKs.

You can also use other client frameworks like Sencha. We’re working on more SDKs for JS frameworks like Ember and Backbone. Let us know what you’d like to see.

There are a number of examples below that walk you through how to build simple apps with the SDKs. Both the iOS and Android SDKs come with a simple to do list app to demonstrate basic CRUD calls.


Android SDK

Javascript SDK

AngularJS SDK


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first of all: I like Dreamfactory. I also enjoy exploring the world of Ember!
An Ember SDK would be very nice, especially for the Ember CLI structure.
And maybe in the future a connection between the Dreamfactory-User and Ember-Simple-Auth (i think this will be the new standard for Ember in authentification).
Thanks for your work!

Hi Janos,

An Ember SDK would be great. It’s something we’ve been thinking about doing. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi there,

Can you post hints on how to integrate Ember as a starting point, please?


There’s no SDK for Ember. You just call the DreamFactory REST API, same as any other REST API.

@benbusse, the link to ‘AngularJS To Do List App Tutorial’ in your list is broken for me. I.e. I get a 404 error with:


Here you go, @gdvallance. This forum post from May 2014 was long before our new website.

And here’s the general examples page URL as of right now:

Sorry, the Angular tutorial link is fixed now.

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