Microsoft Windows Phone 10 .net Client SDK

Hello from Germany,

We want to build universal Apps for Mircosoft. This apps runs under Windows 10 / Windows Phone 10 / XBox one.
I´ve installed Visual Studio 2015 and tryed to install the .net Client SDK via nuget. But it is not possible, I get some compatibility errors .

Checking compatibility for Microsoft.NETCore.Platforms 1.0.0 with UAP,Version=v10.0 (win10-x64).
Some packages are not compatible with UAP,Version=v10.0 (win10-x64).

mayby @Andrei_Smirnov can help me?
Thanks and greets from Germany…

The NuGet package was built for .NET 4.5 and may not be compatible with your framework version due to its dependency to unirest library.
What you can easily do is this:

  • pull latest source code from GitHub,
  • open SDK solution in visual studio,
  • select target .NET framework at your choice,
  • build.
    This way you get assembly fully compatible with your ecosystem.

I have drafted a project for Portable Library that you can build and use with your universal apps.

Thanks I will try this

Hey Andrei, the portable project link is not valid any more. Anychange to upload again? Would like to study from it. Thanks.

I think the solution was restructured. Try checking branches other than master.
See who is currently contributing to it and contact that guy.

Hi guys,

Sorry I’m little late to the party. I’ve been busy updating the SDK to v2.0. Today however I’ve converted the DreamFactory library to Portable. This change will be included in the next release of the SDK. Currently you can find the portable library on the develop branch, however have in mind that this is for v2.0 of DreamFactory.

If anyone wishes to upgrade their SDK that targets earlier versions of DreamFactory let me know and I will gladly help.


I have issued new nuget package with portable library that is targeting DreamFactory 2.0-beta, however that did not resolve the issue with UAP target, at least not completely because now package install is failing because unirest-net dependency does not support UAP target. I will make sure to contact them about that.