Xamarin SDK for android & iOS available?

Do we have xamarin native sdk available for dreamfactory? I see that .NET sdk is available but is it fully compatible with xamarin. I’m starting to develop xamarin(iOS & android) apps for my organization so I need to make sure DF is fully compatible with it before suggessting dreamfactory as rest api service to my management.

I see a reference to deveolpement of xamarin sdk in the pipeline here:

@Im_PJ we don’t have a time frame for Xamarin SDK, but Xamarin has some rich resources available on consuming web services. Check out this example:

Additional reading here.

The .NET SDK from Dreamfactory uses the ‘unirest-net’ client library for the API which in turn has dependencies on the [‘Microsoft.Net.Http’] (https://www.nuget.org/packages/Microsoft.Net.Http) which comes recommended by Xamarin.

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