Missing Role after User Login


I upgraded from DF 2.1.1. to DF 2.4.1 and noticed that the posting to /user/session which used to return role name no longer does so.

the Swagger UI information for the call is as follows:

Session {
id (string, optional): Identifier for the current user. ,
email (string, optional): Email address of the current user. ,
first_name (string, optional): First name of the current user. ,
last_name (string, optional): Last name of the current user. ,
display_name (string, optional): Full display name of the current user. ,
is_sys_admin (boolean, optional): Is the current user a system administrator. ,
role (string, optional): Name of the role to which the current user is assigned. ,
last_login_date (string, optional): Date timestamp of the last login for the current user. ,
app_groups (Array[SessionApp], optional): App groups and the containing apps. ,
no_group_apps (Array[SessionApp], optional): Apps that are not in any app groups. ,
session_id (string, optional): Id for the current session, used in X-DreamFactory-Session-Token header for API requests. ,
ticket (string, optional): Timed ticket that can be used to start a separate session. ,
ticket_expiry (string, optional): Expiration time for the given ticket.

role is string and optional. How do I get access to this role during login in DF 2.4.1



I will appreciate you help on this.

Can i still access the role from the user json returned after creating a session?


@tunde This still works and the role name is returned properly. The role is only determined if the API key is also sent along with the user credentials, so make sure that your API key header is sent during the login request.