Modifying the REST APIs

If I want to modify the REST APIs that were automatically generated. Where do I make the changes to the APIs?

Can you be more specific? Which APIs do you want to modify and how do you want to modify them?

Our system doesn’t generate APIs for you. We only provide a unified API to our system. That can be extended, but not necessarily replaced.

Example, there is a default Create User API and I want to modify it to put code to send a SMS via Twilio API when the Create User API is called. How can I do this?

You can do this with a server-side scripting in DreamFactory 1.6, which is about to ship on Bitnami (1.6 is on GitHub now). The hosted developer sandbox doesn’t have scripting, so you need to install DreamFactory 1.6 from Bitnami or directly from GitHub.

On the user creation event, have a JS script that makes a call to the Twilio API. You can call Twilio directly from your script but for security, you might want to store your Twilio API creds as a remote web service in DreamFactory and call the DreamFactory service for Twilio from your script (see this post for more about remote web services).

Here’s some more info on scripting. We’re writing up a bunch of examples on the blog soon too…stay tuned.

Hope that helps. You can contact if you have specific questions on implementation of your script.