Move an app and its schema etc to another DSP

If I develop an app on the hosted DSP but then I need to deploy it to a client on their own DSP, is there an easy way to move the schema and data, security settings, etc to another DSP?

Yes, just go to the Packages tab and select the apps, schema, and services (APIs) you want to export. Then import this file into the client’s DSP by clicking the Import button in the Apps tab.

That’s what I thought but I’m not seeing schemas listed

When you click on an app, you should see a list of tables (schema) that you can select. Note that these tables are for the MySQL DB that’s part of DreamFactory (accessed by the /db API). If you’re connecting to a remote SQL or NoSQL database, you won’t see the schema listed since the database is remote.

I dont see the database tables defined in the schema section. This is on both the dreamfactory hosted DSP as well a DSP setup on my local box.

OK, I’m seeing schema in my hosted DSP but not in my local installation. Let me get back to you on this.

I see the problem. The code is looking for the old ‘SQL DB Schema’ service which has been deprecated. So older DSPs work but the code needs to change to handle the new way. Working on a patch now, sorry about that.

A fix for this issue will be in the next release, coming up pretty soon.