MS SQL Tables being returned but no data within them in 2.0

I am able to connect to a MS SQL db and even able to get the list of tables via the swagger docs. However, When I try to get the data of a single table, I get an error stating the table was not found.

The request looks like this:


The response is like this for all tables being returned in the getTables() call:

  "error": {
    "context": null,
    "message": "Table &quot;<table_name>&quot; does not exist in the database.",
    "code": 404

We were able to get data from many of our tables before the upgrade to 2.0.

What version of the Bitnami package did you install? (beta-1, beta-2, beta-3)
There was a problem like this reported early on, but I think it has been resolved.

we’re using the latest docker image directly from dreamfactorysoftware/df-docker

Looks like the Dockerfile is pulling from the repo directly so I assume we’re getting the latest.

Unfortunately, the Docker package is not up to date with the latest code which resolves the issue you are experiencing. Our team is working to get the Docker container updated with the latest revisions.

Thanks @drewpearce. I’m a little confused…if the Dockerfile is pulling from master in the git repo, how could it be out of date?

Sorry, there was some misunderstanding on my part around how Docker works. The code for it will be up to date as of the time you built your package. How long ago was that?

np, it’s hard to know everything :wink:

I built a new image just a few minutes before this post.

Master branches were updated yesterday afternoon, and a fix for this behavior should have been included in those updates.
Can you rebuild the image and try again?

yep, I’ll rebuild and let you know. Thanks for the update.

We just rebuilt the image this morning, bounced our app and are NOT seeing different behavior. Can you point me to the commit or fix that should be in the code and I’ll verify our ECS instance is running the right code? Thanks

went ahead an opened issue for tracking purposes @drewpearce :

I am updating the GitHub issue.

I updated the issue as well with the resolution for us. Thanks for everyone’s time on this one.