Multi-Service API

I have searched the forums and googly-oogly land without finding a good article. I would like to know if there is a great article about the following (I have seen generic articles, approaches to accomplish certain functions) in an integrated way for an app (iOS first, Android next and maybe light web app functions):

  1. iOS (and any client) oauth integration - login to facebook with the iOS library and then pass a token back to dream factory or set up a facebook oauth service and have iOS log into df / fb from there (that’s what I think)

  2. Create a custom user table for extended properties or extend the user service (not many articles how to do this that I have found except just pushing json to user/custom)

  3. Create a Simple html test app that will use client side javascript - this one is very confusing - do I use an app hosted on this server, or I use file service; how do I expose it and where do I put the files (all in gui)?

  4. Expose a file service - seems there is one by default - so I assume the advice will be, just use the default one

  5. expose a db service for a custom mysql database - that seems pretty straight forward

  6. Search endpoint - is it good to have search traffic hit a different endpoint then the data manipulation

All of these components will support an app and it seemed df allows to create individual services - so I assume that most external apps will consume services individually - but each using scripting to trade unique ID for relational data?