Multiple DF instances on same server

Hi, I got a powerful server and now I wish to install multiple DF instance on same server.

I want to use the same mysql as it will be an overkill to use multiple mySQLs

However, if its not possible, I could have multiple mysqls and apache/nginx on different ports. Please let me know how I can do that.

I would like to use the defult installer and change ports, not the source code or manual install because I’m not very technical in compiling from sources etc.

It sounds like you’re talking about using the Bitnami installer? It will automatically change the port numbers to run multiple installs on the same machine.
I have a couple of installs running on my local machine.

Hi, How about using same MySQL but totally different database for DF ?

The Bitnami installer doesn’t allow you to specify which database. You would have to run the installer, then copy the database to the different db server and update the .env file. I think there is some documentation on the wiki about changing databases.