Unable to connect to mysql database on same server as bitnami install


Im having issues creating mysql service. The database is on the same server. Using a different instance on port 3306. Dreamfactory’s Bitnami, MySQL server is on 3307.

I can connect to the database through MySQL workbench, and triple checked the credentials.

One thing that’s different from 1.x is the service definitions don’t seem to be created. It just says.

“resourcePath”: “newResourcePath”


I’m not sure how bitnami works, but what do I need to do to have two instances of MySQL working.

Not sure. Bitnami support may help on that count.

I just run one instance myself, with multiple DBs in it.

i had a similar problem to access to mysql on premises. To solve this I must instance my local DB as and not as localhost (look for a similar thread with title “Error logging to MySql on premises”) Hope this help you

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