mySQL API call stored procedure sometimes return error: incorrect number of arguments

Hi All,

I always encounter this weird error when calling stored procedure on REST API,

Failed to call database stored procedure. SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1318 Incorrect number of arguments for PROCEDURE [db_name].[procedure_name]; expected [parameterCount], got [parameterCount]

Is anyone encounter this ? We already check it a thousand times that parameters that we pass and the parameters that procedure will received is equal,

What I did so far.

  1. go to config>cache> Flush System-wide Cache
  2. DROP the procedure and create a new procedure, exact name
  3. a thousand time check if stored procedure parameters are equal

Non of these solve my problem,

The only thing that solve this weird bug is create a new procedure with different name,
Ex. procedureName to procedureName1
(hassle for us because we need to change the name of procedure from the PHP too)
also as stated we just add number when this bug came out, on our experience we already reach up to 6 procedure

I notice that this happens when we update the stored procedure content.

Here’s my mySQ: version: 5.6.24 and 5.6.35

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