Need cheap hosting provider


I’m looking for some advice on where to host my website. Can Anyone refer me to a good hosting service that supports the following technologies:

  • I have a sql server 2008 database, and a webapplication written in .net 4.0.
  • I need 5 GB Disk Space, 40 GB Bandwidth
  • Support SQL Server 2012

My budget is about $60/years. I have searched on google and I found xxxxx meet with my requirements. Can I trust this provider?

Thanks for your responses

Since you are a very new forum user, and this post seems to have nothing to do with DSP, I have removed the specific hosting provider from your post. This is to prevent this forum from being used to promote outside products and services. Forum members are welcome to reply below with hosting recommendations. However, since DSP is a server-class piece of software it is rarely run in Windows environments and I’m not sure this community is the best resource for such recommendations.