Node.js PHP Fatal error on Windows installation

Hi, I got an exeption with Node.js custom scripts, using DF 2.1.1 Bitnami installer on Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit. Node version is 5.10

So, I’ve tried all examples from site and even simple returning of {“result”:“ok”} )) But it always throws an exeption:

PHP Fatal error: escapeshellarg(): Argument exceeds the allowed length of 8192 bytes in C:\Bitnami\dreamfactory-2.1.1-2\apps\dreamfactory\htdocs\vendor\dreamfactory\df-core\src\Scripting\Engines\NodeJs.php on line 245, referer: http://************/test_rest.html

V8js and PHP scripts run well.

@AndreyLuchkin Node.js scripting will be supported on Windows in the forthcoming release of DreamFactory due out soon on GitHub and followed shortly thereafter by the Bitnami installers.

Thank you for clarification.
Probably, here is a mistake in the service_matrix document, because nodejs is marked as “Requires node.js installed on the server”

@AndreyLuchkin yes, it will require Node.js be installed. A few things in the service_matrix doc don’t jive with the wiki. For most up to date info you can always ask in the forum or reference the wiki as we are continuously updating the info there. Sorry for any confusion that may have caused!