Noob Questions / Shared Hosting

Hi folks,
as far is i understand dreamfactory is build with laravel in php, so is there a easy way to upload dreamfactory to a shared host wich supports all the needed stuff (e.g. mcrypt, mariadb) via ftp (no root directory available)?
i saw a few post about how to do this with laravel ( but nothing for dreamfactory. or is it impossible and i have to use a more mature host (e.g. aws) to use dreamfactory.

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Hi Oliver. Shared hosting is not officially supported for DreamFactory.
I have seen posts similar to the one you linked, and that makes me think it may be possible, but for now it is not something we are going to pursue
If you happen to get it working, post your process here for the benefit of the community. Iā€™m sure others would like to know how you made it work.