Installing Dreamfactory on Web Hosting Server via FTP?


Is there anyone who can help me about installing Dreamfactory on Linux web hosting server or is it possible?


@Serkan I know that installing to cPanel can present some challenges. Installing via FTP might actually simplify this if you install it locally and move the installation directories from your machine in to the hosted environment. Is there a hosting service you are thinking of deploying to?

Thanks @mattschaer ,

I have a local Windows machine. Do i need to create a VM for Linux to install? After i need to push the file via FTP my hosting servers root. Right?

I have a hosting service.

Hello @Serkan,

could you please tell me, if it actually worked?
I Would like to try the same, but before I start setting up a Linux VM etc. I would like to know if the Windowsinstallation is also okay.


Hello @Julian_Kallidat,

No, i didn’t try it yet.

But if dreamfactory make a tutorial or doc about this, this process would be easier.