OAuth login with Facebook SDK (using Swift)

Hi all,

I am currently using the Facebook Mobile SDK (via Swift) to allow users to access an application, and wonder if it is possible to use the FB Mobile SDK in conjunction with Dreamfactory.

What I would like to do, is have the FB SDK handle the login side, and based on whether the request is successful, use the returned information to create a shadow user.

I know I can setup a new user using a post request to api/v2/user/session but this seems to have a limitation (ie I have to set a password, I cant set the oauth provider & users name).

Is anyone using FB SDK in conjustion to DF and if so, what do their solutions look like? or does anyone have any suggestions.

Anybody able to assist?

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Hey @Gavin_Beard, yes we support this and you should be able to do it. Perhaps someone in the community who has done this would be able to share their use case.


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Thanks @AlexBowen. I’ve been looking at a few custom solutions but none seem particularly robust. If there is a way that someone in the community has gotten this working, that would be amazing.

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