OData output from the DB call

I was wondering if there is going to be any support for OData service in DF, specifically making calls/operations of type specified in the OData spec instead of DF specific. Or is there a way to translate from OData to DF specific operations ?

I am looking for something similar. Any luck with this?

Apologies, but OData is not something DreamFactory supports at the moment, or that we are much aware of.

If you could provide more details, or perhaps submit a feature request, we’d be willing to review it!


I thought that API are generated with Swagger(OPEN api spec), question was how can we generate the API’s with ODATA spec?

Please correct me if I am wrong.

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I’m not totally sure I understand OData, but the way DreamFactory works, the APIs are autogenerated, so there’s no way to change the underlying structure of APIs themselves. However if you need to manipulate the returned data, use aliasing, custom APIs, etc, you can accomplish all that with scripting.

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At this time, supporting oData is not on our development roadmap. However, I am paying attention to your request and will keep you updated!

Hopefully if others are also wanting to see this feature, they can respond here and express their interest. For us, getting a feature on the roadmap helps when we have multiple users who are interested.

In the meantime, any more details you can provide on what you would use it for and what you would need would be helpful.