Do SDKs exist any more?

I’m just coming back to DF after a couple years away. When I first looked at DF, the platform generated SDKs for my apps. However, I don’t see this any more from within the DF admin section. Documentation on Dreamfactory’s site, generally points to github 404 error pages. Am I missing something? Do we no longer have SDKs, but instead must copy and paste code from the sample apps, then write our own code for each table in our databases? If eel like I’m missing something simple. The auto-generated SDKs were the reason I liked DF.

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Hey @leogodin217, welcome back!

We certainly still have them. Have you seen our newest blog post on Generating DreamFactory client SDKs based on Swagger API definitions?

Can you send me the pages with the bad links and 404 errors? I’d be happy to update them. We appreciate your help!

There are three ways to get the SDKs:

  1. Go through the “QuickStart” tab in the DreamFactory Admin Console. This is an introductory tutorial that walks you through creating your first application.

  2. Click to download your preferred SDK in the “API Docs” tab in the DreamFactory Admin Console.

  3. Download your preferred SDK from using the links here.

I’d love to learn more about what you are working on.


Thanks Alex,
Something is strange here. I don’t have the “Download SDKs” pull-down in my admin console. Instead I have a pull-down for “Sample Apps,” which all point to the sample applications instead of SDKs. I used the Bitnami console to launch my DF instance on Amazon. Could this be a version problem?

As for using Swagger to create the SDK, I’m not sure this is a good solution. If I have to custom script my API in Swagger, why would I use Dreamfactory? At that point, I would just create a Sails app.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple here. I’ll go through the docs and tutorials a little more.

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You are correct. Apologies, as this is a little confusing! :sweat:

Long ago we had a JavaScript SDK generated from swagger-js. It was harder to use than just making the API calls yourself. So we moved to sample apps but kept the SDK terminology.

We don’t use the term SDK any more because they aren’t actual SDKs. Sample apps is the preferred nomenclature.

We use Swagger for our API Docs and they are automatically generated for you! So you don’t have too. You can read more about it here and here.

Thanks for bearing with us!

Thank you. That makes sense. My first test with DF was with JavaScript, so I used the SDK. Now, I am working on an Android project, and I’ll follow the example app.

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Awesome! Keep us updated on what you’re working on.

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