Persistence of a MySQL temporary table between DF stored procedure calls

I’m having trouble with persistence of a MySQL temporary table between stored procedure calls through DF. When in MySQL Workbench, these SPROCs work fine. A temp table is created in an initial SPROC call, and then accessed later from another SPROC without a problem. When accessing these same SPROCs via DF (within a consistant session), the first (creating) SPROC (…/_proc/xxx) seems to work fine and the temp table can be accessed from within it. So, the temp table seems to exist at least for the duration of the first SPROC. However, in a subsequent call (still within the same session) to a different SPROC (…/_proc/yyy) the temp table cannot be accessed and no longer appears to exist.
I believe that DF role access settings would prohibit access to a temporary table via …/_table/tablename because the temp table is not part of the static schema and DF has no prior knowledge or access settings for the temp table. However, DF does know about the SPROC that creates the temp table and the session user has permission to call it (…/_proc/xxx). Everything I’ve read on the MySQL side indicates that the temp table should persist until the session expires or is terminated. I believe that is evidenced by my ability to manage the temp table in MySQL Workbench.
Does anyone have suggestions for how to manage temporary tables between …/_proc/… calls in DF?